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Relativism - the cancer killing Europe

We have a new religion here, in Europe. The roots of our continent have been cut off completely and we are forced to start from the scratch. All the past resources we've been so far using to explain the reality surrounding us, have lost their importance and are nowadays considered outdated and archaic. Christianity is no longer considered as one of the roots of European development. Relativism idea, widely spread by the European Union and biggest medias, took the throne and became the most professed religion in Europe - maybe excluding the man caused global warming religion.

Grey Europe

I don't consider myself a defender of Christianity in any way, but if saying a few words of truth makes me look like that, then so be it.

The Lisbon Treaty, signed behind people's backs by politicians not giving a damn about their states sovereignty, does not directly forbid Christianity. The EU creators picked a little bit more sophisticated way to get rid of this 'plague' - they took the relativism idea and did their best to apply it in most aspects of our life. The dying European continent is most probably the first one built on the belief that there are no absolute things, absolute values. No, wrong, I forgot about the one and only absolute in Europe - it says that there are no absolutes at all. Everything depends on the point of view, nothing is black or white, everything is grey instead. No values are solid, each of them can be questioned.

Communists never loved religion

European leaders have a point in their successful attempts to get rid of tradition and history, both deeply rooted in Christianity. In the creation process of a huge bureaucratic European moloch called the European Union, they needed to convince the masses, or rather the leaders of these masses (means massmedias in most cases) that independence is a relative term and no state loses it when it signs the Lisbon Treaty, that nationality is relative as well since we are all Europeans, that modern patriotism, very relative, of course, manifests itself in trying to make your state a part of the European Union. Or should I rather say a 'district' of the European Union?

European leaders are those who in their younger days were hippies & anarchists fascinated with the Soviet Union. Now, after getting real power, they want to create the better Soviet Union. They think that they understand what mistakes did the USSR make and they think they know how to avoid them. Any kind of religion is a natural threat for them, because religions are not relative. At least they weren't because nowadays the ecumenism idea is storming churches.

Taking off crosses in Italian schools ordered by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg is one of many upcoming examples of this. Much more will come.

Communists in the Soviet Union destroyed the religion completely, European politicians try to do the same, and that's another evidence that the EU equals the Soviet Union.

Weak Europeans

Let's ask ourselves a simple question - who is a stronger one - the one believing in God, Mahomet or Jahwe or tho one believing in nature, power of human mind, tolerance and relativism? Having a strong faith in some kind of God, doesn't really matter which one, does give a boost, does make a man stronger. Do you, my dear Reader, honestly think that a man, having the relativism as his god, will be able to stand and fight to defend his belief, to defend his country? Do you think that his will to do so will be in any way comparable with those who do believe in something deeper? Do you think that the strength of their motives can be compared anyhow? I doubt it.

The European Union propagandism did a good job, today's Europeans are weaker than ever before, even weaker than France during the WWII (no offence to anyone). The Europeans don't give a damn about their state, about their history and tradition, about their past. They are tolerant to the point of ridiculousness (nowadays it's almost impossible to be openly considered a freak in Europe, since 'everyone should be respected'), they don't have any solid values since everything is relative. They are not even able to fight, even on the Balkans we, the Europeans, were not able to act. The Americans came and did the job - I'm not saying that this was a good or bad job but at least they were able to act. European people, leaders are only able to talk only.

Never before in history so many countries have been conquered without a single shot. Never before so many people, poisoned with the EU propagandism, have been so happy about their state being conquered.

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