Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where is tradition?

Almost Christmas time. It's a religious holiday so as such it is a natural enemy for the liberal (in the American meaning) European leaders. The European Union personifies most of the left wing attributes. It is extremely centralised, full of regulations regarding our everyday life aspects and especially those relating to the market. EU charges create mysterious econimical plans in advance, just to mention the Lisbon strategy which ended up miserably. The same plans were introduced in the Soviet Union and its satellites - the charges were making plans assuming that, let's say, in five years the national production should reach the certain level.

European Union is full of bureaucrats cotrolling everything what can be controlled, every single thing you can buy, from sweets to cars and houses, is, oris going to be, in some way regulated or standarized by the EU army. They feel irresistible lust to stick their noses into our lives. There were even attempts, in future successful surely, to introduce some kind of the thought police - EU leaders would love all the European people to think in the same way. They wanted, and of course still want, to kick it off from teaching every European the same version of history in schools. That's why in 20 years they will have a dumb crowd of people thinking that there was something like the history of Europe, instead of separate histories of many European nations. European propagandists realise well that it's easier to control people who are cast in the same mould. As I mentioned earlier, diversity is what the EU wants to get rid of.

Winter vacation instaed of Christmas

Someone wise, forgive me but I forgot the name, once said that the way in which we name things is the way in which we take them. That's why people being in charge of Europe, who in majority have a communist background (just to mention the most powerful one, Barroso), try to redefine the tradition by using the relativism idea as the path. Christmas is no more, we have so called 'winter vacation' nowadays. Easter vacation is replaced by 'spring break'. In many American schools Santa Claus (originally the bishop), christmas trees and decorations are banned. In Europe this will come a little later - today our oppressors just try to remove crosses from schools in order to, listen, listen, not hurt other people's feelings. Well, the European propaganda reached the most ridiculous levels of absurdity.

However, we almost have Christmas so it's time to forget about the European monster, at least for a while. I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas full of joy and family warmth.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grants, donations, subsidies, subventions

A lot of Europeans believe that maybe this European Union is not the best but at least it let's many people develop their businesses thanks to various grants, donations, subsidies or subventions (naming is a secondary thing here) which an enterprising individual can get after his state joined the Eurosojuz. Before the referendums deciding about accession to the EU took place, in most "new" EU states the grants topic was raised as a huge argument in favour of voting 'yes' to the EU accession.

In average citizen's mentality the European grants were and still are considered as something positive and unique. One can complain at many aspects of the European integration but all the donations and subsidies are holy. However, such approach does not carry any weight. Why? I'll explain below.

Europe for sell

In wider context, all the grants and co. were created to buy the Europeans. A very successful propaganda convinced them that once your state joins the EU, you will have a chance to get a lot of money. Tricky plan which worked really well. However, let's get back to the main topic..

First of all, everyone seems to forget that the EU does not own money. To be more precise, they do have money and they do give it via various grants, donations and subsidies. However, before they can give it, they have to take it. And no, there is no magic source where the EU could take the money from. They take it from my, yours and everyone's pockets. Before they give us, they have to rob us. And, of course, it would be naive to think that they give us as much as they robbed - big parts of the robbery remains in their pockets forever.

There are no statistics showing how much does robbing us and giving us back through grants a small part of previously taken money cost us. There are no researches saying how much money has to be spent in order to give Mr. Smith his 1,000 Euros donation. There are no calculations presenting how many new bureaucrats found a well paid job focused on giving/not giving grants only. Before you get your dream grant, your application has to be reviewed by many specialists, or rather 'specialists' since their knowledge is useless, hired only in order to work in grants and subsidies area. Can you imagine how much money has to be spent on them? Not the EU money - your money and mine.

I've heard that only enterprising people have a chance to get grants. What does 'enterprising' term stand for then? Acording to new meaning, it stands for being able to fill all the papers in the way so that all the idiotic requirements created by Eurobureaucrats are met. Yes, that's what it really means nowadays. If you're able to get grants, you're an enterprising individual. As I previously wrote, with the EU taking the throne a new God was presented - relativism.

Let's take a closer look at the businesses aiming to be granted a subsidy. Are these businesses aimed at market expectations? Are they focused on people's needs? Are the most basic economical aspects taken into consideration when creating a business plan? The answer has to be 'no'. The only aim of all business plans wanting to turn into success, is to meet the requirements of the subsidy they apply for. Just don't think that these requirements have anything in common with any logic and sense. After all they are prepared in Brussels, so what do you expect? Lately hundreds of dumb business plans from IT area were accepted and received grants in Poland only because they met all the required conditions - means the papers were filled well. Nowadays, in the system introduced by the EU, grants, donations, subsidies and subventions create a huge field for the financial abuses of all kinds. People don't try to get donations in order to develop their business but to get as much money (public money so yours and mine, remember) as possible, survive with their company for a year and then close it down.

European alms

Last but not least, a few years ago it was a shame to be granted a subsidy, this was considered as a kind of alms. There was a general consensus that the enterprising ones don't need help from public money - only clumsy fellows need it. After all there are hundreds of other ways to get private money and I'm not talking about robbing a bank for sure. You can borrow money from someone; if you have a good idea but don't have the money, you can always become a business partner to someone who has that money. List of possible options is very long.

No matter how liberal, in American meaning, you are, the fact is that money given for free depraves and corrupts. Why am I saying 'for free'? Because I don't consider filling the grant applications according to bureaucrats requirements as something that could be worth anything. You just get paid for filling papers, you don't think that it will help you on any strategical, tactical or operational fields of your company, do you? You don't think that filling papers will help you in being more innovative, do you? It will only help you in filling these papers better in future. What weight does such knowledge carry? Answer yourself.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Poisoning brains

A few days ago I wrote about the propaganda spread in the European Union. I mentioned a few examples to portray how the EU charges want to come into being in awareness of an average citizen. It is understandable because it's quite obvious that most of the Europeans are not interested at all in what is going on far, far away in Brussels, all the more that their potential impact, in case if they wanted to have some, on the Europoliticians is extremely limited. The European Union does not exist in the mentality of the European people and the EU aparatchiks try their best to change this.

We shall not stop until we sneak into your brain

Let's make a brief summary of the European leaders' ways to promote the European Union. Here's a small list of things to which the EU logo/emblem is going to be attached or added soon:
  • lounge suit of every man working in the EU area,
  • all official documents in all EU states - doesn't matter whether it's a letter from the president or a letter from the village-mayor,
  • rings, knickers, skirts, neckties - thanks God, they are not planning to ban the other patterns yet,
  • all public transport tickets,
  • all parasols in restaurant gardens,
  • all towels in European hotels,
  • all European states flags,
  • all homing pigeons in every post office,
  • all balloons produced in the EU.
The EU specialists responsible for the propaganda are well aware that it's a wide topic and to be succesfull in that area you have to act on many fields. That's why there are other plans regarding poisoning our brains. Let's mention some of the plans for future:
  • introduction of high school euro-finals which, when passed, would be a big step forward towards getting a job in the EU institutions,
  • creation of a new agenda responsible for publishing a magazine informing Europeans about all the upcoming changes in their domestic countries or rather districs,
  • starting a Euro TV channel and Euro radio channel,
  • introduction of obligatory books about the Eureopean Union in all schools,
  • production of European beer and European dessert,
  • attaching the EU flag on top of all scyscrapers,
  • using the ball with EU logo in all football matches between European states,
  • production of EU perfums,
  • decoration of all Christmas trees in all public institutions with the EU logo or emblem,
  • portraits with EU logo in all public institutions in all states,
  • "made in EU" sentence instead of "made in Germany/France/Spain" etc.,
  • preparing the same toys (with EU logo, of course) for all European day nurseries and kindergartens,
  • organization of Europicnics and Europarades obligatory for all children - with sweets and solid portion of Europropaganda.
Especially the last two are very dangerous because they are aimed at our children. As I mentioned in previous post, the EU charges are not newbies when it comes to knowledge about propaganda - they know that they should focus on kids.

Free market? Maybe later

All the above initiatives don't have anything in common with people's expectations, needs. They are not created to satisfy any need, unless we talk about aparatchiks' needs, of course. I doubt that anyone from the three million Eurobureaucrats army has made any researches proving, for instance, that people in Europe would like to drink new beer - the EU beer, or that there is a big demand for EU perfums. No, it doesn't work like that on our relative to the point of absurdity continent. Most of those things listed above will be sponsored from our, taxpayers' money. Forget about any kind of free market rules if it turns out that the lollipops you produce will have to compete with the EU lollipops subsidied from Eurocitizens', yours too, pockets.

All the European Union initiatives, even those most prosaic ones, are issued by the superior authorities. They have nothing to do with the rank-and-file initiatives. On the other hand though, can you imagine any one trying to get some money on the fair free market production of, let's say, neckties with the EU logo attached? I can't. That's why the Eurocrats army has to take care of it - after all they want to become a part of every single aspect of our lives.
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Relativism - the cancer killing Europe

We have a new religion here, in Europe. The roots of our continent have been cut off completely and we are forced to start from the scratch. All the past resources we've been so far using to explain the reality surrounding us, have lost their importance and are nowadays considered outdated and archaic. Christianity is no longer considered as one of the roots of European development. Relativism idea, widely spread by the European Union and biggest medias, took the throne and became the most professed religion in Europe - maybe excluding the man caused global warming religion.

Grey Europe

I don't consider myself a defender of Christianity in any way, but if saying a few words of truth makes me look like that, then so be it.

The Lisbon Treaty, signed behind people's backs by politicians not giving a damn about their states sovereignty, does not directly forbid Christianity. The EU creators picked a little bit more sophisticated way to get rid of this 'plague' - they took the relativism idea and did their best to apply it in most aspects of our life. The dying European continent is most probably the first one built on the belief that there are no absolute things, absolute values. No, wrong, I forgot about the one and only absolute in Europe - it says that there are no absolutes at all. Everything depends on the point of view, nothing is black or white, everything is grey instead. No values are solid, each of them can be questioned.

Communists never loved religion

European leaders have a point in their successful attempts to get rid of tradition and history, both deeply rooted in Christianity. In the creation process of a huge bureaucratic European moloch called the European Union, they needed to convince the masses, or rather the leaders of these masses (means massmedias in most cases) that independence is a relative term and no state loses it when it signs the Lisbon Treaty, that nationality is relative as well since we are all Europeans, that modern patriotism, very relative, of course, manifests itself in trying to make your state a part of the European Union. Or should I rather say a 'district' of the European Union?

European leaders are those who in their younger days were hippies & anarchists fascinated with the Soviet Union. Now, after getting real power, they want to create the better Soviet Union. They think that they understand what mistakes did the USSR make and they think they know how to avoid them. Any kind of religion is a natural threat for them, because religions are not relative. At least they weren't because nowadays the ecumenism idea is storming churches.

Taking off crosses in Italian schools ordered by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg is one of many upcoming examples of this. Much more will come.

Communists in the Soviet Union destroyed the religion completely, European politicians try to do the same, and that's another evidence that the EU equals the Soviet Union.

Weak Europeans

Let's ask ourselves a simple question - who is a stronger one - the one believing in God, Mahomet or Jahwe or tho one believing in nature, power of human mind, tolerance and relativism? Having a strong faith in some kind of God, doesn't really matter which one, does give a boost, does make a man stronger. Do you, my dear Reader, honestly think that a man, having the relativism as his god, will be able to stand and fight to defend his belief, to defend his country? Do you think that his will to do so will be in any way comparable with those who do believe in something deeper? Do you think that the strength of their motives can be compared anyhow? I doubt it.

The European Union propagandism did a good job, today's Europeans are weaker than ever before, even weaker than France during the WWII (no offence to anyone). The Europeans don't give a damn about their state, about their history and tradition, about their past. They are tolerant to the point of ridiculousness (nowadays it's almost impossible to be openly considered a freak in Europe, since 'everyone should be respected'), they don't have any solid values since everything is relative. They are not even able to fight, even on the Balkans we, the Europeans, were not able to act. The Americans came and did the job - I'm not saying that this was a good or bad job but at least they were able to act. European people, leaders are only able to talk only.

Never before in history so many countries have been conquered without a single shot. Never before so many people, poisoned with the EU propagandism, have been so happy about their state being conquered.
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Propagandism - the European Union main tool

People in Russia have a nice proverb saying that if something is extremely scary, then it has to be funny as well. Quite the same proverb can be applied to the European Union, whose leaders try to both spread the positive EU propagandism (if one can say that propagandism can be 'positive' in any sense..) and control every single aspect of our life. Why do I call it 'propagandism', not a 'propaganda'? Simply, I think that in today's world propaganda stepped on a new, much higher, much more complex and previously unavailable level. With all the medias and speed of information there are hundreds of ways to make your propagandism successful - the EU came close to perfection in the area.

Today I'll present some real examples of the propaganda served by the EU, examples which support the thesis that the EU is a new embodiment of the Soviet Union. Now, since as of yet most of these examples present wishful thinking only, have fun reading them because once they are introduced - and they will be introduced - there'll be nothing to laugh about - but a lot to fight against.


The European Union leaders want all the homing pigeons in all post offices in states being a part of the EU, to have the EU logo attached. That way the EU charges want to make every single citizen aware of the existance of a new European superstate.

The EU suggests that all the states-participants should have the EU emblem attached to national flags. Thanks to this an average citizen would get to know that his domestic country is a part of something bigger and that we are all Europeans, that we are all one coherent body.

The EU aparatchiks don't forget about the youngest as well. They are well aware that it's much easier to poison young and inexperienced brains with their propagandism than to do that with, say, the 60 years old conservative. So.. All the balloons produced in the EU states should have the EU logo attached. Kids should associate balloons, means fun, something positive, with theu EU logo. Well, Goebbels would be surprised how well has the propaganda developed since his times, wouldn't he?

According to the EU regulations and requirements even kennels should have heated floor. It doesn't matter what your dog thinks about it, of course. If you don't have heated floor, you may be accused of the animal abuse so be careful. It's not that bad though, you can get grants for improving your kennel.

How far can they go?

The answer is simple - there are no limits, people's stupidity doesn't have boundaries. Weak men do not accept the variety because it's too complex for them to understand - that's why they want everything in every EU state to be the same. It's easier to control it that way.

The above is a very small portion of wide propagandism practised and mastered by the EU. It relates to small every day aspects of our life. However, there is another, much more dangerous dimension of that propagandism but I'll write about it on another occasion.

Now feel invited to let me know about any other absurdities from the EU wide range. Or.. convince me that I exaggerate?
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The conservatives started the EU idea, the socialists took it over

In my previous post I briefly described the history of Polish 1989 transformation and its consequences. Today I'll write a few words about the birth of the second main topic in my blog - the European Union.

Uniting Europe

The whole process of uniting Europe was started after the Second World War by the conservatives whose only aim was to spread free market ideas. No one was thinking about any kind of political structures. Thanks to the birth of the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951 states participating in the project got rid of all the economical problems caused by Hitler & Stalin. At first the left wasn't too happy about the economical unification ideas but in late seventies everything changed.

Leaders of The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) figured out that maybe it would be better to peacefully unite Europe with the USSR instead of conquering it, all the more that this last way wasn't really possible, when taking into consideration the condition of the Soviet Union. The best way to meet Soviet leaders' plans was to make Europe similar to the the USSR in as many areas and possible. People who were supposed to take care of it were Western socialists and communists, who became the main force in the European structures. They started the huge reconstruction process of the aims of the upcoming European Union. Economical unification started by the conservatives was supposed to give economical boost to all the states involved in it (and did its job well) and spread free market idea. Socialists' and communists' plans were different - they wanted to implement some Soviet patterns in the uniting Europe, such as, for example, central planning in various areas. Above all though they wanted to create one big European superstate.

Collapse of the Soviet Union

Unfortunately for the Western socialistic leaders, the right lung of the big European Home was killed in 1991 - the Soviet Union collapsed. The whole idea of a great socialism was seriously damaged but, luckily for the communists and socialists, not for long. They changed singboards and started their new project - the European Union. Their aim was clear and is being consequently realized - it's creating one European Superstate in which there would be no Spaniards, French or Poles but Europeans only. Current Europeans leaders, in their younger days hippies and anarchists enchanted by the Soviet propaganda, want to create a better, more "user-friendly", so to speak, version of the Soviet Union. After signing the Lisbon Treaty by the Czech Republic president Vaclav Klaus, they are closer than ever before.

Don't you think?
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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Poland after 1989 - forget the myths

Let's kick it off from getting to know the real history and political motives behind the famous Polish transformation in 1989, which - according to most sources - was a great success and a huge step forward towards the free market in Poland. It's important to know the above because this knowledge can be very useful in explaining the curent political situation in the heart of Europe, as Poland is often called, especially by Poles.

Myths of the year 1989

First and the most famous myth says that Polish 89' transformation was a great achievement because it took place with no blood spilled. All the myth-tellers though seem to forget that in 1989 the communist system was already dead in Poland. There was no hope for it, all the more that the economical situation couldn't hold on for any longer with all the central planning and lack of economical freedom. There was literally no chance that the army could be used against people on the streets. Especially in the army structures all the leaders were fully aware of the upcoming collapse of the communism.

People from "Solidarity", the Polish Trade Union, were not the ones who set the conditions during the famous Round Table Talks. These were communists, who first selected some people from "Solidarity" (those most acquiescent ones, of course) and then let them participate in the talks, which - despite what the propaganda says - resulted, according to the communists' plan, in agreement leaving the political power in the hands of previously selected "Solidarity" leaders and the real power in the hands of the communists. Why did I say real power? There are three reasons:

- the communists transformed into democrats, especially social-democrats, and kept their superior positions in the financial area - after 1989 they started banks, newspapers, TVs allowing them to move the national debates into proper direction and control the state's finances;
- their positions in all the Polish secret services structures remained untouched, so they were and most of them still are secret services officers even despite some attepmts to clean these services a few years ago; after the Round Table Talks the communists could still pull the strings from the back seat;
- they successfully pulled off a campaign attacking the vetting idea, so that they could easily sneak from one system into another; what happened in Germany and Czech Republic, did not happen in Poland;

Lech Walesa vel "Bolek"

In Western world Lech Walesa, the founder of "Solidarity" and Nobel peace prize winner, is regarded as the most famous Polish politician, who destroyed the communism practically without anyone's help. How could it happen that an electrical engineer, not too smart to say the least, became one of the greatest leaders? Obviously, it wouldn't be possible without third parties support. Third parties term in this case means the communist leaders. According to solid sources Lech Walesa was registered as a communist agent under the nickname "Bolek". The fact is that so far no historicians denied that - excluding all those scrambling that the accussations only destroy Poland's image on the international arena.

Lech Walesa's explanations on that matter are worthy a separate paragraph. At first he claimed that he has no idea who "Bolek" was, then he said that there indeed was "Bolek" but it wasn't him but he won't say who was that. And then he explained that he knows a few people who were going by the name "Bolek". Well, he did really mix it up without even basic logic included. No one also says that Walesa's records from the communism era disappeared after he took them home in early nineties.

Communism transformed into Post-communism

Of course, I could write essays on the topic of Polish transformation but this would be kind of boring, I guess. Keep in mind then that Polish history of 1989 and after presented in most medias is not even close to what and why really happened. The 1989 should be a symbol of national treachery and the communists succesfully tricking out the so called, carefully selected, opposition which - seduced by the opportunity to get the chairs in parliament - gave up and left the most important fields in communist apparatchiks' hands.

Did you know or hear about all this?
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