Saturday, January 09, 2010

What do Europhiles have in common with necrophiles

Seemingly - nothing. In fact - a lot. In the past the 'Europhile' term was used to describe a person loving Europe, its culture, history. Nowadays though, the meaning has changed - 'Europhile' is a person adoring the European Union project and seeing only one side of the very dirty coin. Just as all the fanatics.

What the Europhiles army is unable to see is that their object of lust stinks terribly. It's natural though and every one who is able to see something more than what he is served in medias, realizes well that, well, Europe has to stink since it is already dead. Can a rotting tree give a birth to a fresh fruit? Rather not. What we are being currently served through the European Union is a complete disaster. Once the most lively continent, Europe is being stormed by other, much more enterprising and uncompromising nations. Christianity, once showing the path in the darkness, nowadays is going down because of the mess caused by the ecumenism maniacs. People in Europe once ready to die for their state, nowadays give it up without a single shot. Once ready to defend the family institution as the core of civilisation, nowadays accept all the freaks getting the same rights as normal people. When it comes to politics, there are no true leaders in Europe, all of them are communist or socialist careerists thinking about their pockets only and giving no damn about any higher aims. Mass of EU bureaucrats decide about every aspect of our lives.

Democracy, relativism, tolerance - regime of fools, no good and evil - just grayness, perverts and deviants considered as normal.

Europhiles love what is already dead.

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