Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Poisoning brains

A few days ago I wrote about the propaganda spread in the European Union. I mentioned a few examples to portray how the EU charges want to come into being in awareness of an average citizen. It is understandable because it's quite obvious that most of the Europeans are not interested at all in what is going on far, far away in Brussels, all the more that their potential impact, in case if they wanted to have some, on the Europoliticians is extremely limited. The European Union does not exist in the mentality of the European people and the EU aparatchiks try their best to change this.

We shall not stop until we sneak into your brain

Let's make a brief summary of the European leaders' ways to promote the European Union. Here's a small list of things to which the EU logo/emblem is going to be attached or added soon:
  • lounge suit of every man working in the EU area,
  • all official documents in all EU states - doesn't matter whether it's a letter from the president or a letter from the village-mayor,
  • rings, knickers, skirts, neckties - thanks God, they are not planning to ban the other patterns yet,
  • all public transport tickets,
  • all parasols in restaurant gardens,
  • all towels in European hotels,
  • all European states flags,
  • all homing pigeons in every post office,
  • all balloons produced in the EU.
The EU specialists responsible for the propaganda are well aware that it's a wide topic and to be succesfull in that area you have to act on many fields. That's why there are other plans regarding poisoning our brains. Let's mention some of the plans for future:
  • introduction of high school euro-finals which, when passed, would be a big step forward towards getting a job in the EU institutions,
  • creation of a new agenda responsible for publishing a magazine informing Europeans about all the upcoming changes in their domestic countries or rather districs,
  • starting a Euro TV channel and Euro radio channel,
  • introduction of obligatory books about the Eureopean Union in all schools,
  • production of European beer and European dessert,
  • attaching the EU flag on top of all scyscrapers,
  • using the ball with EU logo in all football matches between European states,
  • production of EU perfums,
  • decoration of all Christmas trees in all public institutions with the EU logo or emblem,
  • portraits with EU logo in all public institutions in all states,
  • "made in EU" sentence instead of "made in Germany/France/Spain" etc.,
  • preparing the same toys (with EU logo, of course) for all European day nurseries and kindergartens,
  • organization of Europicnics and Europarades obligatory for all children - with sweets and solid portion of Europropaganda.
Especially the last two are very dangerous because they are aimed at our children. As I mentioned in previous post, the EU charges are not newbies when it comes to knowledge about propaganda - they know that they should focus on kids.

Free market? Maybe later

All the above initiatives don't have anything in common with people's expectations, needs. They are not created to satisfy any need, unless we talk about aparatchiks' needs, of course. I doubt that anyone from the three million Eurobureaucrats army has made any researches proving, for instance, that people in Europe would like to drink new beer - the EU beer, or that there is a big demand for EU perfums. No, it doesn't work like that on our relative to the point of absurdity continent. Most of those things listed above will be sponsored from our, taxpayers' money. Forget about any kind of free market rules if it turns out that the lollipops you produce will have to compete with the EU lollipops subsidied from Eurocitizens', yours too, pockets.

All the European Union initiatives, even those most prosaic ones, are issued by the superior authorities. They have nothing to do with the rank-and-file initiatives. On the other hand though, can you imagine any one trying to get some money on the fair free market production of, let's say, neckties with the EU logo attached? I can't. That's why the Eurocrats army has to take care of it - after all they want to become a part of every single aspect of our lives.

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