Thursday, December 10, 2009

Propagandism - the European Union main tool

People in Russia have a nice proverb saying that if something is extremely scary, then it has to be funny as well. Quite the same proverb can be applied to the European Union, whose leaders try to both spread the positive EU propagandism (if one can say that propagandism can be 'positive' in any sense..) and control every single aspect of our life. Why do I call it 'propagandism', not a 'propaganda'? Simply, I think that in today's world propaganda stepped on a new, much higher, much more complex and previously unavailable level. With all the medias and speed of information there are hundreds of ways to make your propagandism successful - the EU came close to perfection in the area.

Today I'll present some real examples of the propaganda served by the EU, examples which support the thesis that the EU is a new embodiment of the Soviet Union. Now, since as of yet most of these examples present wishful thinking only, have fun reading them because once they are introduced - and they will be introduced - there'll be nothing to laugh about - but a lot to fight against.


The European Union leaders want all the homing pigeons in all post offices in states being a part of the EU, to have the EU logo attached. That way the EU charges want to make every single citizen aware of the existance of a new European superstate.

The EU suggests that all the states-participants should have the EU emblem attached to national flags. Thanks to this an average citizen would get to know that his domestic country is a part of something bigger and that we are all Europeans, that we are all one coherent body.

The EU aparatchiks don't forget about the youngest as well. They are well aware that it's much easier to poison young and inexperienced brains with their propagandism than to do that with, say, the 60 years old conservative. So.. All the balloons produced in the EU states should have the EU logo attached. Kids should associate balloons, means fun, something positive, with theu EU logo. Well, Goebbels would be surprised how well has the propaganda developed since his times, wouldn't he?

According to the EU regulations and requirements even kennels should have heated floor. It doesn't matter what your dog thinks about it, of course. If you don't have heated floor, you may be accused of the animal abuse so be careful. It's not that bad though, you can get grants for improving your kennel.

How far can they go?

The answer is simple - there are no limits, people's stupidity doesn't have boundaries. Weak men do not accept the variety because it's too complex for them to understand - that's why they want everything in every EU state to be the same. It's easier to control it that way.

The above is a very small portion of wide propagandism practised and mastered by the EU. It relates to small every day aspects of our life. However, there is another, much more dangerous dimension of that propagandism but I'll write about it on another occasion.

Now feel invited to let me know about any other absurdities from the EU wide range. Or.. convince me that I exaggerate?

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